Misophonia by Katie Ann Hunter


Misophonia various defined as “hatred of sound,”  “select sound sensitivity syndrome” and “sound-rage.  Find out why in the penultimate play of the evening.

Misophonia by Katie Ann Hunter

Sarah – Kylie Ford

James – Liam Angus

Doctor (v/o) – Lewis Cuthbert

Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

A few tickets are still available: HERE

Chad by Lewis William Cuthbert


Aw fooey! Life sure can be hard when you’re a multi-millionaire before your tenth birthday. For geeky movie star Chad Schweizer, there was no time to grow up or form relationships; just sickly-sweet flick after cheesy holiday special. It’s the only existence he knows but people can’t care forever… and so he must find a way to stay relevant, before he’s faced with reality.

You may remember Chad from such films as: The Weenies series (‘Drool Pool’, ‘Mini-Cops’, ‘Superstore Hijinks’, ‘Brush Your Teeth Melvin!’, ‘Love That Lord!’), Geek-O-Tron, All Hail Geek-O-Tron, Geek-O-Tron Takes On The Jocks, Geek-O-Tron Vs. Delaware, Yee-ha! Geek-O-Tron Rides Again, A House Full of Kangaroos, Keeping The Family Together, Phew That Was Close, The Darnedest Thing, Hi New Daddy, My Orthodontist Is Shrinking!, Our Wackiest Vacation and Young Blood: The Bob Kukakis Story in which he played the unfortunate youngest son.



Chad Schweizer  DAVID PARKER






Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

A few tickets are still available: HERE

A Moment by Sharon Zucker


Act II gets under way with a play about breasts:

Breasts are beautiful! Big, small. flat, floppy, buoyant, bouncy, hanging, hipster, lopsided, two sided, perky and pierced, whatever form they take, they are usually a celebrated guest at any party. But, if breasts could talk, what would they say?  Join Alice and her mouthy mammaries, on a journey through memories and moments, from first bra to first love.

A Moment by Sharon Zucker

Alice –                       Sara Jo Harrison

Her Breasts –           Donna Tonkinson

Laura –                      Laura Halford-Macleod

Craig –                       Craig Fairbairn

Directed by Donna Tonkinson

Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

Tickets are available: HERE


Ganymede by Patrick Robertson


It is not the fashion to see the lady the epilogue; but it is no more unhandsome than to see the lord the prologue. If I were a woman, I would kiss as many of you as had beards that pleased me, complexions that liked me and breaths that I defied not.
Unfortunately I’m a bloke. But that’s not gonna stop me.



Francis – Colin Jeffrey

Gary – Alex Blenkey

Director – Colin Cuthbert
Written and directed by Patrick Robertson

Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

Tickets are available: HERE

Smile! at The Cluny 2

To round off the year, we’ve got videos of some of the plays we’ve performed this year.  Playing Up staged Smile! three times.  At the Durham Gala, the Tru Coffee House in Heaton and at the Cluny 2, which is where this video comes from.

‘Smile!’ by Chris Wilkins.

Directed by William Wyn Davies.

Performed as part of Playing Up 3 at Northern Stage, Newcastle on October 5th 2016.

Jack Murphy …………. Chris Iddon
Train Conductor …….. William Wyn Davies
Mark …………………….. Lewis Cuthbert
Tiffany ………………….. Kat Pierce

Video by Colin Cuthbert

Lost Souls and Games Show Hosts


Playing Up is rounding off 2016 in fine style with a trio of comedy plays at one of Newcastle’s premier cafes – The TRUE Coffeehouse, Chillingham Road, Heaton.  Thursday 15th at 8PM.

Written by John Harrison, Lewis Cuthbert and Chris Wilkins. Starring Jake Wilson Craw, Patrick Robertson, Chris Iddon and Stevie Ward.

In the plays we encounter troubled teachers, a pompous prankster and the only mobile app you’ll ever need (if you’re willing to accept the charge).

Come on down and enjoy a night of laughs, drinks and well… 3 funny plays.

Free entry.
£5 corkage.
8pm start

Facebook Page

TRUE Coffeehouse

234 Chillingham Road
Tyne and Wear

Next Up!

next2 true2

We’re busy planning for Playing Up 4 which is due to take place early next year.  In the meantime we have a couple of projects coming up this month.

First of all, Playing Up are performing Smile! by Chris Wilkins as part of Next Up at the Durham Gala Theatre, Wednesday 2nd November, show starts at 7.30 and tickets are only £4 pounds to see five plays from emerging writers – available HERE! 

After that, Playing Up will be performing at the TRUE Coffeehouse on Chillingham Road, Newcastle on Friday 11th November.  As part of their comedy night, we’ll be presenting three plays:  The IRIRFYS App by John Harrison, Teachers by Lewis William Cuthbert and once again, Smile! by Chris Wilkins.

More details about both nights to come soon.