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Playing Up Six took place at Northern Stage 3 on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at 7:45PM.


 Life Assembly Lessons by & dir. Lewis Cuthbert

Your teenage years are always a dizzying mess of questions. But for these compound members, crouching in a hidden nook on another of their stolen nights, there’s a lot more to work out… and less time than they’d think.

11th –              Richard Delroy

17th –               Jackie Edwards


Table For Two by Chris Wilkins, dir. Anna Snell

To everyone else in this Italian restaurant, it’s clear Katy and John’s marriage is in trouble and that they’re best left to sort it out – themselves?

John –              Ollie Cook

Katy –              Amy Telford

Mr Steele –         David Parker


I Heart Christmas by Alison Carr, dir. Laura Halford-Macleod

It’s Christmas Eve and Judy is decorating her tree and wrapping her presents while ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ is blasting. But then a visitor turns up bearing a very special gift, and it’s not Santa. A black comedy about a grand gesture when really gift vouchers would have sufficed.

Judy –              Sara Jo Harrison

Carl –              Craig Fairbairn



 Love In The Time of Grindr by & dir. Patrick Robertson

Colin wants a reminder that love and genuine human connection can still flourish in this cold and impersonal modern age. Harry wants to put his dick in something. It transpires these objectives do not align particularly well.

Colin –             Chris Iddon

Harry –             Matt Miller


All In A Good Cause by Michael Blair, dir. Brian Green

A breezy lunch meeting between a charity’s project manager and the rep from an independent profiteering company, sorting through the fiddly details, crossing the T’s, etc. It may be charity but it’s still only business.

A, the rep –        Eilidh Talman

B, manager –        Eilish Stout-Cairns


Beat The Bite by Colin Cuthbert, dir. Dolores Porretta-Brown

‘We’re not monsters, that’s what people forget. Would monsters drink smoothies?’ – Vlad T.I., Group Leader, Haemophiles Anonymous


Vlad –              David Foster

Frankie –           Paul Gaitskell

Lee –               Liam R Angus

Craig –             Liam Scarth

Sally –             Mary Pickin


Producers: Lewis Cuthbert, John Harrison, Chris Wilkins
Northern Stage Technician: Richard Flood
Rehearsal space: The People’s Theatre (Heaton), Broadacre House, Bar Loco, Central Bar (Gateshead), Sara & Craig’s house
Thanks: Steve Robertson, Moira Valentine, Viktoria Kay, Charlotte Ryder, Jordan Carling, Peter Dawson, Robin Tudge, Steve Wallace, Steele Associates Plc.


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