Scratch Night 2

Some pictures from our July Scratch Night.  Photos coutesy of Colin Cuthbert (apart from Darwin’s Rhea when he was on stage).

Wayne Looney vs The Aliens


And Breathe


Save Our Hedges


Trolley Boy


Darwin’s Rhea

darwin darwin2

The Garden

garden2 garden

Pay The Receptionist On The Way Out

pay3 pay2 pay

Our thanks to everyone who contributed and came along.  See you in the Autumn.

Trolley Boy


Our first half comes to an end with ‘Trolley Boy’ – a bittersweet tale of one young man’s attempt to reach the past.  What does he want to do when he gets there?


Trolleyboy- Elliot Mann

Mam- Donna Tonkinson

Written and directed by David Raynor.

Tickets for the evening are only £5 and are available HERE.