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Writer / Director John Harrison brings Playing Up 4 to a climax tonight with his play abpoout airport security

Many of us have got are tales of woe to tell based upon our experience of passing through airport security, but have you considered what motivates some of those that  chose to work in the job? It may not necessarily meet the highest of ethical standards, in fact, your airport frustrations and anxieties might be someone else’s idea of amusement; their way of getting through the day. Throw a failed relationship , job rivalry and a new manager striving to make an impact into the mix and ‘Scanners’ could take you into an unforeseen future.

Micky – Chris Iddon

Pamela – Susan French

Gem – Lucy Curry

Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

The last few tickets are available: HERE