Act II gets under way with a play about breasts:

Breasts are beautiful! Big, small. flat, floppy, buoyant, bouncy, hanging, hipster, lopsided, two sided, perky and pierced, whatever form they take, they are usually a celebrated guest at any party. But, if breasts could talk, what would they say?  Join Alice and her mouthy mammaries, on a journey through memories and moments, from first bra to first love.

A Moment by Sharon Zucker

Alice –                       Sara Jo Harrison

Her Breasts –           Donna Tonkinson

Laura –                      Laura Halford-Macleod

Craig –                       Craig Fairbairn

Directed by Donna Tonkinson

Playing Up 4 is at Northern Stage 3 on Thursday 9th February, the fun starts at 7.45 pm

Tickets are available: HERE