Last night Playing Up took part in Next Up at the Durham Gala Theatre.  We performed Smile! by Chris Wilkins.

Joker Jack, a fading game show host, well known for playing pranks on the public, is hoping to restart his career on the A-list but is finding out that he’s really more suited to the C-list.  When the train crashes in a tunnel, the passengers are convinced that it’s all just one of his pranks and he’s forced to put his show on.  Will his career, and his sanity survive contact with the general public and what will they do when they find out its all just an act?


From left to right:

Chris Iddon as Jack

Lewis Cuthbert as Mark

Stevie Ward as Tiffany

Patrick Robertson as The Conductor

Our thanks to our Nick and Jo at the Gala for hosting us.  This is our second performance of Smile! and there’s still one more to come!