‘We’re Going To Find Out What Sort of a Man David Cameron Really Is’

By Chris Wilkins

We’ve reached the final play of the evening but it takes place early in the morning: terrorists have taken Broadcasting House hostage.  Their leader is threatening to unleash his master plan. The continuity announcer has fifteen minutes to talk him out of it otherwise we will find out what sort of a man David Cameron really is.

Chris is a graduate of the Live Theatre’s Writers Group and based in Newcastle. He writes pieces that can be loosely described as dark comic dramas. He’s had work performed by Write On Tap, ‘Cargo’ which deals with who gets the last cup of tea at the end of the world and ‘Cow Juice’ – a look at the violence inherent in the works’ milk club. Arts in Touch also performed a two act play of Chris’ called ‘Lock In’ based on the Wallsend pub siege. And most recently Theatre Space NE performed ‘On Holy Ground’ about the meeting between two people who both think they are Jesus.


Terrorist – Scott Jenkins

Continuity – Sara-Jo Harrison

Tech – Patrick Robertson

Corporal – Craig Fairbairn

Director: Jacob Ward