By Jane Pickthall

Act 2 kicks off with librarians at loggerheads.  Volunteers have just taken over the running of a small library in a leafy suburb of Newcastle, saving it from the closure planned under the local council’s cost cutting programme. Tensions between the volunteers soon begin to emerge as the sacred Dewey Decimal System comes under fire.

Jane has written many 750 word pieces set by her creative writing tutor over the last four years but since graduating from the Live Writers course in 2013 has finally started to develop some of the ideas into plays. ‘An Illuminating Yarn’ is one such piece, performed script in hand at The Bridge Hotel through Arts in Touch and at the ‘First in 3’ scratch night at Northern Stage.  Jane hooked up with Andy Patterson and established the Button Box Theatre Company with the aim of taking the play up to the Edinburgh Fringe in August.  Jane and Andy are busy fundraising and recruiting knitters to help make the set of knitted characters needed at the moment, to include Tom Daley and Bucks Fizz.



Gail – Jill Dellow

Howard – Gary Cole

Ben – William Wyn Davies

Director: Tom Guest