ashesFrom the locomotive capers of ‘Deltic‘, we move to personal tragedy with ‘From The Ashes‘ by Sharon Zucker.

What happens when you get stuck in a tragic moment and the dirt at your feet begins to bury you? If you are Annette and Steve you pick up shovels and begin to dig because what else is there to do?

From The Ashes is about a couple planting an herb garden. They stumble on a dying bird that becomes the catalyst for their grief. Having experienced the loss of a child, their lives become trapped in a stale existence where captured beauty and the ability to breathe easily seem fading. Can anything grow in a salted soil? They hope it will.

The Cast:

Steve – Gary Cole

Annette – Laura Halford-MacLeod

Directed by William Wyn Davies

Sharon Zucker’s writing tries to create an emotive feel balanced with humour. She writes a blog Mommy’s Notes, and has had many of her posts used in other projects. After completing a Live Theatre Playwriting course, she wrote the play The Joy of Herding Cats, which, when entered in a BBC competition, progressed to the final 5% of 2,900 entries. It also had a script-in-hand reading by Arts In Touch. She continues to be an active member of the writing group Playing Up.